Award Winning Author

Slayer of Adversity

& Thriver of Life

Kendra is a powerful speaker with a moving story and message that can help you to not just survive adversity, but THRIVE in spite of it!

How to overcome adversity and live a life of joy!

"Petty’s real-life account..of attempted murder is so dizzyingly intricate that it feels straight out of a Hollywood movie ...A thoroughly riveting and often enlightening true story of proliferating hardships."

Kirkus Reviews

“Petty's story is a testament to the human ability to not only survive but thrive against all the odds. Thank you for sharing your vulnerable story. Inspiring! Highly recommend.”

Gretchen Schuecking, CEO , The Powerhouse Agent

“Kendra's life is akin to that of politicians, rockstars, celebrities, and public figures. The overarching takeaway from this story? Inspiration.”


“Kendra’s story is all about resilience - for anyone who has gone through trauma, Kendra is a true north star. Kendra’s determination to lead her best life with a full and open heart is inspiring.”

Brandy Stanley, Vice President , FLASH

A wonderful story, a courageous woman, and a book that will keep you reading until the final page. Truly a story that one day will be a movie if someone doesn’t already have it in the works. Definitely 5 stars.

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