I Can’t Believe I’m Not Dead (Softcover)




Have you ever wanted to give up? I have. You can overcome insurmountable odds and create a life you love. I did.
Just don’t quit.

As if surviving years of childhood abuse and narrowly escaping a cult and my mother’s insanity wasn’t enough, I ended up married to a physically and emotionally abusive woman with a hidden drug habit. I tried to make it work. I really did. Despite my success in climbing the corporate ladder my questionable instincts caused me to stay in a toxic business environment longer than I should have. Because of my warped sense of what was acceptable, and even desirable, I ignored countless red flags. Many times I wondered, How much more can one person take?

After almost dying, I finally realized that the changes I needed to make were so vast and far-reaching that they could only be achieved by exploding the life I had and deliberately creating a new one. For me, it began when I realized that I worked for an organized crime family – who I suspect was trying to kill me for knowing too much. Does this sound impossible? Well, dear reader, I dare you to open the pages of this book, and be the judge. This is my story – the one that I wish wasn’t true, but is. Join me on this intense adventure, and here’s a spoiler alert – I’m not dead.


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